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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to The Rambles then we are sure you have lots of questions.  Here are some of the ones we get asked a lot.

If your question is not here then please do not hesitate to get in touch using our contact form

What are the opening times?

We open from 7 am - 10 pm but please note that there are no lights in the field so if you book a slot before sunrise or after sunset it will be dark.

What size is the fence mesh?

we will update this answer once the mesh has been installed

Can I bring more than one car?

Yes.  We charge per dog not per car so please feel free to arrange a doggy play date with your friends.  One of you will need to make the booking for the right number of dogs, as we cannot split booking slot payments.

How many cars are allowed on site?

The Rambles car park holds 3 cars.

Is there help if we have an emergency?

Yes.  Emergency contact numbers, including a vet, are displayed at the entrance to the field.   The field is within a working farm so there will be someone who can be contacted.

How do I acccess the field?

You will be sent an email booking confirmation when you book and a reminder email one day before your booking.   These emails will contain the code required to open the gate.

How long is the grass?

The field is cut regularly with rough areas left.

How high is the fence?

1.8 metres

Can I bring more than 5 dogs

Yes - but you will need to contact us before you place your order

Is there a strong phone signal on site?


Does my Dog need to be vaccinated?


 I’m a dog professional can I use your field?


 Is there a water tap on site?

Yes.  We also have spare bowls in case you forgot yours

How big is the field?

3 Acres - about the size of 3 football pitches.

Do I have exclusive use of the field?

Yes.  Only one booking per slot is allowed.

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